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Sorry Bhai

sorry bhai!
Sorry Bhai
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Sanjay Suri, Sharman Joshi, Chitrangda Singh,
Boman Irani and Shabana Azmi




Amitabh Varma & Nanette Natal

Music Director

Gaurav Dayal & Vivek Philip


Sachin Kumar




Siddharth Mathur is a shy young scientist en route  to Mauritius with his parents for his brother Harsh's upcoming wedding. While his mother is upset by the fact that she was not consulted by Harsh prior to his engagement, his father provides much comic relief, spending most of his time poking fun at his frustrated wife. 
Upon arriving in Mauritius, Siddharth and his family are unable to spend much time with  the now workaholic Harsh. His  fiancée Aaliyah therefore takes the responsibility of  showing  her soon to be  in-laws around. Friction soon begins to develop between Harsh’s bickering mother and  her  future  daughter-in-law,  as Aaliyah  begins to spend more time with the amenable Siddharth. 
Things take a turn when Aaliyah and Siddharth  begin to  fall in love with each other. While Aaliyah pursues Siddharth with single-minded  determination, Siddharth attempts to hide his feelings from everyone. However, when  the rest of the  family begins  to get suspicious, all hell breaks loose as Siddharth is forced to choose between his family and true love.