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Acid Factory

Sukhno Lanka
Sukhno Lanka
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Mithun Chakravarty , Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Debashree Roy, Angana Basu & Emma Brown


gaurav pandey

Story & screenplay

gaurav pandey


mahesh ane

Music director

debajyoti mishra


mahadev shi

Executive producer

arindam sil


Pawandas Baul, Boney Chakravarty, Anindo & Upal, Rupam Islam and Debajyoti Mishra.




Middle aged Chinu Nandy has been playing bit parts in movies for several decades. Over the course of time, Chinu has learned to accept his fate, hoping that one day he could add as much flavor to a movie as dry red chillies would to a curry.

Meanwhile, a world renowned Bengali director named Joy Sundar Sen has been the centre of media attention due to having recently returned from the Berlin film festival. He is also keen to direct a movie alongside an Australian producer named Isabella whom he recently met in Berlin. In search of a leading man, Joy finds Chinu and decides to cast him despite the fact that Chinu has only had prior experience as an “extra”.

Chinu’s humble stance on life slowly begins to rub off on those around him with surprising results. In addition, Chinu himself learns to become more assertive as the film ends with him relating the success of his latest film role to his wife.