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Shuknolanka released to a great critical acclaim

After the four National Award-winning film 'Antaheen', Mumbai Mantra new venture, 'SHUKNO LANKA' released to a great critical acclaim on July 2, 2010. The film stars Mithun Chakraborty, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Debashree Roy, Saheb and introduces Australian actor Emma Brown. Shukno Lanka is a heart-warming story about Joy Sundar Sen, a popular award-winning film director who meets Isabella, a young European actress, in Berlin. They chance upon an anthology of short stories by filmmaker Ritwik Ghatak, one of which — Paraspathar (The Philosopher's Stone) — begins to resonate in Sen’s mind. He decides that Paraspathar will be his next film.


He casts Chinu Nandy, a middle-aged junior artiste who has survived in an unforgiving industry, in the lead role. Chinu's humble stance on life slowly begins to rub off on those around him, with surprising results.Commenting on the film, which was co-produced by the Moxie Group, the veteran actor Mithun Chakraborty remarked, "Shukno Lanka has given me the rare opportunity to retrace my struggling days. It has taken me back closer to my roots. But if you look closely, I, Mithun Chakraborty, have not completely outgrown the Chinu Nandy of Shukno Lanka. In a way all of us are bit-role players in the drama of life.”As per the directopr, Gaurav Pandey, the director of Shukno Lanka, “the film is a celebration of the city called Kolkata. It’s a city that has forgotten how to dream. It lives on a day to day basis, almost invisible to the rest of the world. Shukno Lanka attempts to bring the dream back to the energy called Kolkata."