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Please refer to the Application Process for all details regarding the application submissions and eligibility criteria.
The deadline to submit your application is October 30th, 2015.


1.How many scripts can I apply with?
You may submit up to two stories, but we encourage you to identify one as your preferred project. Please note that each story will require a separate application, in a separate packet. There is no charge to submit stories.

2. Can I submit a full treatment or a screenplay now?
For now, please only submit:

  • A complete story of 6-8 pages with a beginning, a middle and an end
  • A 2-page Writer’s Statement
  • Writer's Bio with contact details

3. Will Mumbai Mantra produce my script?
If you are among the final 12-15 screenwriters, and once the entire process of mentored writing is completed, you will have an opportunity to pitch to various studio heads, independent producers, directors, financiers, distributors, film festival directors & curators and to Mumbai Mantra as well. If your script gets accepted at that stage, it may get produced but there is no guarantee. Our only aim is to help you in your journey.

4. Should I have my industry contacts call with references?
No. If at all you are asked for references at some stage, do give them at that time. To do so now may lead to your disqualification.

5. I have done many ad films / short films/ documentaries. Am I eligible to apply?
Yes. As long as you believe you can write a story and a script, you are eligible to apply.

6. I have a regional language film and my screenplay is in the same language. How do I apply?
While your film can be in any Indian language, we can only accept an application in English. So, please get your story translated into English before sending it.

7. How much is the application fee?
There's no fee for applying to this programme. It's free! However, those who are not selected in the final 100, can still attend the first day of the workshop. This will be open to all aspiring screenwriters for a fee of Rs.2000.

8. If I am selected, will I own the IPR of my script developed during the lab?
If you have written the script, you shall own the Intellectual Property Rights. Mumbai Mantra Media Ltd. will not have any claims on it. However, when the script is made into a film, you would be obligated to give Mumbai Mantra Media Ltd. and it's partners the following credit "This film was supported by Mumbai Mantra CineRise, and was mentored by ____________" (the names of all the mentors who worked on your script) along with the logo of Mumbai Mantra CineRise and its partners in the film's end titles.


9. How much will I have to pay for the workshops if I get chosen?
For the selected Lab participants in Stage 6, all expenses from Mumbai to the lab destination and back will be borne by Mumbai Mantra.

10. Where will the workshops be held?

The initial workshops will be held in several different cities across India. You can choose the venue closest to you. The names of the cities, as well as the venue for the 5-day lab and the Pitch Event will be announced well in time.

11. Can I submit an adaptation of a book / remake of a film to the Screenwriting Programme?

Yes, as long as you have the underlying rights from the original copyright holder. A copy of the letter from the original rights holder will be required along with the application.

Don't see your question answered? Email queries.cinerise@mumbaimantra.com with further questions.