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Mumbai Mantra I Sundance
Institute Screenwriters Lab

The Experience

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Quotes by : Creative Advisors I Screenwriting Fellows

"I want to begin by saying 'Thank you'. The hospitality has been top-notch. For me , it's incredible how quickly telling stories brings intimacy between people. After only a few minutes with a writer, I can travel deeply into his or her life...and thoughts... and memories. I strongly believe that people can help each other ; here it seemed like the truest statement. "

Audrey Wells
(Under the Tuscan Sun)


"This has been like a dream....I'm overwhelmed with emotion. I'd like to thank the Sundance Institute for asking me to be the Artistic Director on the Lab. Thanks to the opportunity to engage with the work of these writers, I feel connected to India. I feel like I am the one who has benefitted from the experience the most. The hospitality and the warmth from the Lab staff have been incredible. The journey has been too personal and intense!"

Kasi Lemmons
(Talk to Me)


"It has been an amazing experience for me. To interact with fellows, engage with their work, to sit with other Advisors and listening to them discuss the fellows' scripts....fascinating to see how they had worked out the stories in their mind...it has just been unreal! "

Asif Kapadia


"I do believe you gave some Indian script writers an experience they will never get again in their careers. It was unique and I was amazed how dedicated the mentors were. "

Shekhar Kapoor
(Bandit Queen)


"It was heartening to see all the work, even those scripts that i didn't individually deal with. This work somewhere is a response to something you feel strongly about...that's the spirit of independent cinema. And, of course the great opportunity to meet colleagues from around the world, getting a glimpse of their work, the Q&A sessions after the screenings which were so revealing....it has been great. And, of course a special mention about the impeccable hospitality! "

Anjum Rajabali


"I wanted to come to India...it all began with this one thought. And I met these incredible story-tellers and through their stories, got to know the heart of India. I am truly touched by the hospitality. What an experience it has been! "

Michael Goldenberg
(Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)


"I came here with great anxiety, with great expectation, with a will to help writers from another land tell better stories, make better films. But actually it has been a cleansing experience for me. One is writing all the time, but this is where the real thing was....I now want to get to my work with a new energy. "

Marcos Bernstein
(Central Station)